A letter to MMS partners

Dear MMS partners:
    First of all, on behalf of all MMS staff, thank you for your support and love for MMS, and thank you for your support to us during the test. During the test, we constantly made adjustments to bring a better experience to MMS partners. During the open test in the whole network, more and more miners actively participated in the test and put forward valuable advice. I express my sincere gratitude for this. However, in order to reflect the fairness of MMS and ensure that everyone competes equally on the same scratch line, the MMST excavated during the open test will not be recorded. I’d like to apologize to the miners participating in the test. All miners on the main network will start again from the height of Block 0 and record it on the chain.
    MMS multi service community network has been built with the efforts of 100 engineers around the world, taking 4 years in total. Now we are very excited to announce that MMS multi service community network will be officially launched at 12:00 13 / 09 / 2021 US time. We hope that the miners participating in the test can continue to participate in the mining work of the main chain. Thank you.

After the main network is put online, we will gradually launch the following functions:
·Distributed Storage
The distributed storage of MMS multi service community network is different from other distributed storage networks. In MMS, users do not need to purchase professional equipment to provide pledge to obtain storage. They only need to contribute their own storage resources, bandwidth resources and communication resources through their own computers or mobile phones and other intelligent terminal devices to obtain rewards, and solve the problem of the waste of idle resources at the same time.
In MMS network, anyone can store video, pictures, documents, voice and other contents into blocks through their own terminal wallet. The available storage space is calculated according to the number of pledged MMSTS. Each pledged MMST can obtain 1GB of storage space, and the like. The more pledged, the larger the available storage space. If the pledge is cancelled, the available storage space will be relatively reduced, Since the use of storage space requires pledge, the function will not be officially launched until the block height reaches 310000.
The main purpose of the team is to create an ecological application of MMS chain. We will gradually launch more functions, such as mobile mining, node voting, domain name on the chain, point-to-point communication and other extended applications. Please look forward to it.
Next, please wait patiently for the main network to go online. Of course, if you have any valuable comments or suggestions, you can contact us in the following ways:
Official Website: