Basic knowledge points of digital currency market points

What is the summary of basic knowledge points of digital currency? Now many investors are very interested in digital currency. There must be a basic link in the early stage of investment. After all, the risk of digital currency is not affordable to ordinary people. It's always good to know more
Digital currency (virtual currency) is divided into non encrypted digital currency and encrypted digital currency
Non encrypted digital currency is issued by companies or private individuals. It can be issued indefinitely without solving equations through the computer's graphics card CPU computing program.
Encrypted digital currency is an open source code based on a set of equations calculated by computers all over the world, which is generated through a large number of calculation and processing of computer graphics card and CPU, and uses the design of cryptography to ensure the security of all links of currency circulation. The design based on cryptography can make the cryptocurrency only be transferred or paid by the real owner. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and has no specific issuer.
Encrypted digital currency is different from other non encrypted virtual currencies. The total number of encrypted digital currencies is limited and has strong quantitative scarcity. Because the total amount of open source code for this set of equations is limited, if you want to obtain them, you must obtain them through the operation of the CPU of the computer graphics card. Non encrypted (digital) currencies can be issued in unlimited quantities, so they do not have value-added properties.
1、 Digital currency transaction rules
1. Trading time: 24-hour trading system, open all year round
2. There is no limit on the rise and fall of digital currency
3. Trading unit: minimum buyable 0.0001btc
4. Trade at any time (T + 0): buy on the same day and sell on the same day
5. There is no time limit for cash withdrawal and realization: cash withdrawal and realization at any time, with high capital liquidity
2、 Basic principles of digital currency transaction
1. Price limit transaction: it can set the buying price lower than the market price or the entrustment of the selling price higher than the market price. When the market fluctuates to the set price, the transaction can be concluded. If the set price deviates greatly from the market price, it is easy to fail to clinch a deal.
2. Market price transaction: the transaction at the current market price can ensure the timely transaction of the purchase and sale order to a certain extent, but at the same time, the transaction price cannot be predicted before the market price order is placed, so there is some uncertainty. Generally speaking, the more intense the market fluctuation, the greater the risk of transaction price uncertainty of market price transaction.
3. Basic principle of transaction: "price first, time first"; The higher buying price is better than the lower buying price, and the lower selling price is better than the higher selling price. When the entrustment price is the same, the entrustment order with earlier hanging time is better than the entrustment order with later hanging time.