MMS--Make today's society more fair

In the next-generation Internet built by the MMS network, participants build the Internet together, and enjoy the benefits generated by their contributions in a fair manner based on the consensus of benefits.

Fairness and justice-more labor and more rewards

Domain Name Service on Anonymous Chain

MMS domain name service solves the problem of target address query, allowing users to access the specified application node through the domain name of the MMS network, and use the service provided by the application node

All applications on the Internet, including web services, search services, taxi services, shopping services, etc., can be implemented in MMS

Shared storage

DianDian Shared Storage is developed by the MMS free community and is a decentralized storage and storage application based on the MMS network. Participants can share their own storage resources to obtain token rewards. At the same time, they can also use distributed storage space. Distributed storage space has the advantages of encryption, fault tolerance, and fast access. Users can also directly link their other devices through the feature of P2P access on MMS network nodes to realize the private cloud storage function.

To meet the needs of different groups of people-distributed storage, domain names on the chain, dot communication